sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2009

A Midwinter Night's Dream***

I arrived at my Mistress place and all of my feelings where touched by that pleasant atmosphere. It was inviting enough for wishing a hole life standing there close to my owner. She informed me all the instructions for the night as I entered her garçoniere."-I'm going to set you ready as I'm used to doing. I'm going to leave you alone as long as I want it. I need to take a refreshing shower and latter some delicious meal for dinner. Be polite!, Do not disturb my silence! I want you thinking about how good is this pleasure I offer you!

I was left there naked! My mouth was muted by a silver tape forcing my words inwards. My
silence was enhanced when she inserted those ear protectors due to leave me in contact with the thoughts inside my desire. My Mistress bandaged my head keeping my eyes totally in the dark. Without further words she left.

I was getting blue for feeling nothing but the cold floor under my empty butt. What a sad sadness! I love to be left tied, immobilized for hours and senseless. How I wonder she had tied me, plugged me in! Sad!

Suddenly I felt her hands on my butt cheeks inserting me a toy. My legs were bent to wear some panties. I heard her voice saying "-That makes you more comfortable!".

I was getting excited then I heard a new age song. Calm, soft... my time was coming.

The song was not clear anymore! My Mistress surprised me with her voice, close to my head. I couldn't feel her next to me but her voice. Maybe she was far from me, speaking with her red lips into the microphone.

I got the clue! It was a relaxing game. She was telling me to breath slowly, release the strength I had on my muscles. I was already relaxed with the voice of Her. Everything was perfect! I was constantly ordered not to move my arms and legs.

She told me to feel the scent of patchouli and it was getting stronger! It seemed to be within my nose. I was getting confused! I couldn't tell if my feelings were real or just my mind surrounded by desire.

This feeling play was getting more exciting as I felt a hand pressing my nipples and taking off my panties on my knees. I was confused, and the voice in my brain was telling me lots of nasty words. I was hot! My cock was hard as I've never felt it before.

The tape (as I presume) told me to feel the soft texture of her mouth sliding along my cock. I would love to never stop that feeling. I was put in a trance. I tried hard to move my body but I was immobilized, not with ropes but with my mind. I couldn't move my legs and arms. The voice was there saying what to feel. I was exposed to those words that my body and mind were under control.

I lost the track of reality among those feelings, words and senseless members.

Everything was precisely synchronized that I couldn't notice if I had lost my sanity or not. The voice of my Mistress told me to cum and my cock obeyed! Then I was told to relax and be in silence. It was so confusing, wonderful and inebriating. I was sure my arms and legs where there but I cummed immobilized.

I was relaxed! The voice told me my Mistress was unhappy that she could be healed punishing me. My mind started another cruising trough words and feelings. I was told to imagine a long and flexible cane touching the inner part of the thigh. At first I felt a light burning an then it started a torrent of crackings like rain beating down on my thighs.

Then I heard I would feel a hand turning my body aside to leave my butt free for another punishing act. The voice was telling me the facts that made me deserve those violent blows. I was remembered that I had to be an obedient submissive. That was the only way to make my Mistress happy.

It was so painful each rhythmic stroke I could feel inside my soul. My inert body was taken by the command of my Mistress severe as never.That feeling would remain for a long time as I was informed by the voice not to forget the power of my Mistress.

After consolidating in my mind the sensation of burning in my butt the voice made me relax again. The voice was gone and I could listen to the relaxing music again. The next song came with the presence of my Mistress letting my eyes and ears free again. Then she fed me.

Her skin was fresh and scented as she had just left the shower. The dinner was ready. There was no evidence of incense, cum or cane in the room. Everything was carefully in the same way. My buttocks were burning. That was the only thing that made me sure about everything I'd been through in that room (or in my mind). I touched the burning skin with my hand but it seemed normal. But the burning feeling was there!

*** Conto escrito pelo meu Monstrinho e fofamente traduzido / adaptado pelo Cosmo.

Obrigada, amigo

Preciso agradecer ao meu amigo e parceiro ACM, do Bound Brazil e Bondage & Fetiches, pelas simples e eficientes dicas que me deu na última semana. Aliás, tenho aprendido muito com ele.

Querido, foi um sucesso minha primeira tentativa de love bondage na cadeira! uhulllll
Até eu me surpreendi!

Conto no próximo post...


segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2009

Beijo roubado

Ela amava João. Mas João ainda não a amava. Mesmo assim, eles tinham um porém, misto de reticências, dores e prazeres. João negou o beijo e o afago. Ela, impertinente, procurou na madrugada o consolo para a rejeição.

Maria era bonita, doce, pervertida. Ela não amava Maria, mas a conhecia muito bem.

Pedro era um garoto bonito, descolado. Pedro não a conhecia, mas sabia de Maria todas as noites.

E naquele pequeno espaço de veludos azulados, Maria amou a menina por um instante, quase o mesmo em que Pedro roubou seu beijo... seus beijos, seus afagos. Então ela que amava João, foi amada por Maria e beijada por Pedro.

E beijo roubado é mais doce do que pirulito açucarado... Amor adoçado é elogio-curativo em coração adormecido.